Scroll Through 22,000 Years of Humanity and Climate Change

Photo Credit: XKCD.com/Randall Munroe

Is global warming a hoax?

Are we just experiencing a “warming cycle?”

Do you like infographics?

One of those answers is an easy “yes.”

Randall Munroe at xkcd.com has compiled climate change research into a handy and exhaustively scrollable infographic that charts the average global temperature over the last 22,000 years:

SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t seem to end well:

But I wouldn’t have shown you that if this chart wasn’t about the journey.

Anybody could have drawn up a chart showing how the average temperature has spiked since the Industrial Revolution in comparison to the overall history of humanity, but gems like this help to put it all into perspective and to keep it fun:

You need to take the bulk of the human journey before you see that last section to really appreciate both the macro and the micro. And, you need humor to get you there:

It’s really no wonder that Munroe took home the top prize in Data Visualization at the 2016 Information is Beautiful Awards.


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