Senior Home Residents Create Classic Album Covers to Kill Time in Quarantine

Photo credit: Twitter

Unlike other seniors, who pass idle time putting puzzles together, these elder home residents decided to let it rock!

During 2020, COVID-19 has kept most people at home for months, and seniors are no exception. They are most vulnerable to the effects of the virus.

Most senior and nursing homes around the world are closed to visitors as the pandemic rages, which leaves residents sometimes lacking real stimulation. Activities coordinator Robert Speker has come up with a way to keep residents and staffers of London’s Sydmar Lodge Care entertained while in lockdownโ€”he recreates classic album covers featuring them.

He poses residents in place of legendary rockers and creates album covers with their names using the same font as the original. He’s so far created David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA, and Michael Jackson’s Bad, among others. He hopes to keep the project going and is and asking for donations through GoFundMe to do so.

Once he started posting the images, they went viral, but that was never the intentโ€”it was always about keeping residents engaged and happy. So far, he says, there has been an overwhelming response. “Often, I do things just so the residents will smile…this was another of those ideas. And when I showed them the final piece, they were in fits of hysterics.”


It takes about two weeks to complete each piece, from planning the shoot to recreating the cover, then editing the final version.

Speker then sends copies to family members who can’t see their loved ones, assuring them that the seniors are happy, well taken care of, and cooler than they ever imagined.


Here are some other classic album covers…

Taylor Swift…


Bruce Springsteen…




And The Clash!


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