Photos of Shango the 433-Pound Gorilla Getting a COVID Test Have Freaked Out the Internet

Miami Zoo

If you have to get a medical procedure done, getting tested for COVID-19 is just part of the process right now.

It turns out this is true even if you are a 433-pound gorilla.

Shango is a gorilla who recently got into a fight with his brother. He was injured and needed to have a few wounds tended to.

Before the team assisting him could dive in, they had to make sure he didn’t have COVID-19, which turns into coronavirus.

Someone was on hand to document the entire experience, and the photos of Shango getting his COVID test have completely startled the internet.

It all started when a member of the team at the Miami Zoo shared the news to Twitter.

First, they had to weigh Shango, which in and of itself is a feat.

Once his test came back negative, the team had to get X-rays to see if Shango had any damage to his bone. He also needed an ultrasound, to be checked for tuberculosis, and to have his teeth looked at.

The team even had to intubate Shango.

Since most of us will never, ever see a gorilla in real life, let alone one in this state, the photos are definitely jarring.

The Miami Zoo team also performed several of the procedures at the same time, so that Shango wasn’t under anesthesia for too long.

If you’ve had a COVID-19 test performed, you will recognize this next bit!

The team also checked Shango’s eyes to make sure he’s doing okay.

Shango suffered a bite on his right arm, and the team at the Zoo x-rayed it to check it out.

One of the technicians at the zoo cleaned up Shango’s teeth.

If you’re curious, this is Barney, the brother who beat up Shango in the first place.

Brothers, am I right?

Isn’t this story pretty amazing? That gorilla is huge! Let us know which part surprised you the most in the comments!