She Asked Her Parents Why Her Wedding Gift Was Smaller Than Her Sister’s. Was She Out of Line?

Are parents supposed to give their children equal gifts when they get married?

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AITA for asking my parents why my wedding gift was significantly smaller than my sister’s?

“My husband and I (28M, 28F) got married recently, and my sister (31F) and I were discussing the wedding after returning from the honeymoon.

We are very fortunate to have grown up in a household where my parents made very good money. They were generous with us, but raised my sister and I to be hard-working and not dependent on them as adults. My sister and I both do well financially as does her husband (36M).

My husband loves his job, but it is not one that has a ton of earning potential. He and I met in college, so I’ve always known this was his plan and we are very happy with our setup.

During my discussion with my sister, she asked me if my husband and I were planning to use the wedding gift money from my parents to do a particular renovation for which we’ve been saving, but I was very confused because the gift, while extremely generous and appreciated, wasn’t nearly enough to cover that.

She told me how much she had been gifted and it was more than twice what we had been given. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about why I had gotten less, so my sister encouraged me to ask, and during a call with my mom I couldn’t stop myself from asking. Her response was that it wasn’t my business, but since I did ask, my sister has chosen a partner that can accommodate the lifestyle she’s used to, so they’ve gifted her accordingly.

They also gifted me according to the lifestyle I’ve chosen. We are not entitled to gifts of any size in life, but I still can’t help feeling hurt that my parents feel that my husband and I are less deserving than my sister and her husband based on income. Meanwhile my parents are angry at both my sister and me for having this discussion and bringing it to them.”

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