She Brought Her Sister-In-Law’s Wallet to a Restaurant After She Conveniently Forgot It. Is She a Jerk?

This story reminds me of the scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High where Mike Damone brought Mark Ratner’s wallet to the restaurant when he was on a date with Stacy.

You remember, right?

I thought so!

But this tale has a bit of a twist to it!

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AITA for bringing my SIL’s wallet to the restaurant when she conveniently always forgets it?

“My (f28) SIL “Amy” (f26) always comes to visit from out of town. She stays with us instead of a hotel, and always wants to go to expensive restaurants.

She always conveniently forgets her wallet, or domes up with some excuses as to why she can’t pay her share. She has implied that since I make much more money than her, I should be the one to pay (no, not my husband should pay, but me specifically).

I do make a fair amount of money, but not so much that I can treat someone every time they come into town. Nonetheless, in the past, I have just paid the bill and asked her to pay me back. She never has.

She had made a reservation at an extremely expensive restaurant last night, and before we left, I made it clear that I wouldn’t be paying her bill.

This is where I might be the a**hole, and I’ll admit I got this move straight from and episode of Two and a Half men. As we were leaving, her and my husband went to the car. I pretended I forgot something and went back inside. I found her wallet sitting right on top of her suitcase. I put it in my purse and we went to the restaurant.

When we were done eating, I asked for separate bills. She said no, we need one bill, because she “forgot” her wallet again. I reached in my purse and said, “this wallet?”

She was extremely furious. She said that I should not have touched or grabbed her wallet.

So AITA for taking her wallet and bringing it to the restaurant?”

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