She Refuses to Give Her Back Her Grandmother’s Wedding Dress and Jewelry. Is She Wrong?

Things can get testy when it comes to family heirlooms, no doubt about it.

But what happens when someone refuses to give back items that belonged to their late grandmother?

Check out this story and see if you think this woman is out of line…

AITA for refusing to give this woman her grandma’s wedding dress and jewelry back?

“I(26F) bought a hoarder house back in May 2018. It is a big 6 bedroom 4 and a half bathroom house.

When I bought it, the contract stated that I take ownership of the house and everything in it. The lady who owned it d*d, and her heirs could not deal with the stench and literal mountain of junk and waste in it (you could only open the door not even 8″, and some rooms had the junk filling them wall to wall and floor to ceiling).

Well it took me these last 4 years to finish cleaning, fixing and updating it. While doing the cleaning I made sure to check everything before throwing it out. Ended with more than $20k of money, some nice jewelry and antique furniture, and finally a stunning 40s style, lace covered wedding dress. This woman took care of that dress untill she couldn’t anymore, and it took just some minor work to restore it.

I currently don’t have a partner, but I decided that it would he the dress I will be wearing if I ever get married.

While doing the cleaning, I reached to the heirs to pass on some pictures and momentos (Christmas personalized ornaments, some kid artwork…), and because of that, I had one of them (30s F) in my FB friends list.

After repairing the dress, I put it on with the jewelry and posted a pic on FB. Well this woman saw it and asked for the dress and heirlooms back.

I refused to give them back, and legally they can’t do anything. Also if they meant that much to them, they should have cleaned the house on their own, not sell it to me.

Now she, and all her family, are calling me out on social media.


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