She Canceled a Girl’s Appointment the Day of Her Baby Shower. Is She Wrong?

Time is money, people!

And this young woman knows that because she’s hustling as best she can every day and balancing work and school.

So was she wrong when she canceled a girl’s appointment on the day of her baby shower?

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AITA for canceling a girl’s appointment the day of her baby shower?

“I’m (F17) a part time braider and I take my job very seriously because this is how I make money and this is what I want to do as a career.

I work from 4pm-10pm on weekdays and 8am-8pm on weekends. School is my first priority and on weekends enjoying my weekend is important too.

I have my policy on my booking link so before you even book an appointment you have to read my policy. A couple policies I have are No show=No further appointments, 30 minute grace period, after that your appointment will be cancelled, No extra people, etc etc. Most of my clients respect my “rules” and always come through.

This girl “Tiffany” booked an appointment with me for June 4th at 3pm. She was getting a wig installed (no braid down just application) so I had another client right after her for braids. If you wear braids or do braids you know braids can take HOURS! Braids already take hours plus she booked a take down and shampoo so that’s extra time.

It came time for Tiffany’s appointment so I was setting everything up for her and 3pm came and she wasn’t here, I have a 30 minute grace period so I wasn’t worried. After 15 minutes I texted her and asked was she still coming and never received a text back.

It was going on 3:45 so I just took it as a no show and put all my stuff away and started getting the stuff ready for my next client. i texted Tiffany and told her, her appointment was canceled but she could come pick up her wig (it was customized and everything FOR FREE all she needed was someone else to install it for her). I never received a text back.

My next client came around 4:30 and I started working on her head. Maybe around 5:30 ish my mom called me and told me I had a client at the door (I work out of my house) and to come see what she was getting at because she was cutting up outside. I stopped in the middle of my clients hair to go see who it was and it was Tiffany.

She was trying to cuss me out, saying I ruined her baby shower and why was her appointment canceled so I explained to her my policy and that she wasn’t just 30 minutes late or even a hour she was 2 HOURS LATE and I couldn’t do her hair anymore. I gave her wig and sent her on her way.

She started talking about me on social media and everybody in the comments are dragging me saying i’m unprofessional and not to book with me when i’ve been nothing BUT professional. If you can’t respect me and my rules you just won’t get your hair done by me, it’s plenty other hairstylist where we stay.

My mom said i’m not wrong but i’m getting a lot of messages and she’s getting a lot of comments on her post talking about how “unprofessional” im being when I did nothing but respect her and her time. I’ve even had a client cancel an appointment after seeing her post. i’m losing money and clients over this petty mess and I know i’m not wrong.


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