She Cried on Purpose at Dinner to Embarrass Her Dad and Brother. Was She Wrong?

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AITA for crying at dinner on purpose to embarrass my dad and brother?

“I know the title sounds ridiculous, but there’s context!

I’m currently in high school and I live with my dad and brother (my mom’s not in the picture anymore). While I’m not very close with my father, he’s not a bad dad. He’s just a little old fashioned so he’s closer to my brother (they have the same hobbies, etc.).

Onto the problem: I don’t know how it started, but for the past couple of my months both my dad and my brother will start teasing me about “that time of the month” any time I even get remotely irritated or upset at them. For example, my brother ate a snack of mine that I was saving, and when I got mad he just joked, “oh no, is it that time again” in a super annoying voice.

I’ve kept trying to tell them separately and together that it’s really annoying and offensive, and I feel like they’re totally minimizing how I feel about things I feel I had valid reasons for being annoyed about. They just brush it off even MORE and chalk it up to my period no matter what time of the month it is.

Well, yesterday we had dinner with my whole family on my dad’s side for my aunt’s birthday. Before the dinner I got in a huge fight with my brother because he broke my iPad and instead of apologizing he just said the whole “time of the month thing”. I can admit that by the time we got to my Grandma’s house I was pretty p**sed.

My cousin asked me what was wrong during dinner and before I could explain my brother interrupted with “oh its just lady problems”.

I usually just ignore him or hold things in, but I had enough and just started bawling. I can admit that I kind of went HAM on purpose to cause a scene, and it freaked my whole family out. My aunt asked my dad why I was so upset, and when he didn’t know I told my aunt, “It’s just lady reasons according to dad and brother.”

My aunt and grandma were P**SED at my dad and brother and they totally got reamed at the dinner table. It was a whole “thing” and I could tell they were super embarrassed.

Later that night my brother and dad said I was an AH for causing a scene and embarrassing them, but I said that I was just acting like how always say I do. I guess I didn’t have to do it during dinner, but it wasn’t like I planned it.”

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