She Doesn’t Want to Be Uninvited From a Trip She Planned. Is She Wrong?

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AITA for not wanting to be disinvited from a trip I planned?

“I (27F) planned a ski trip with my boyfriend (29M) and some of our friends (mostly his friends).

We booked in advance. Told them about it, let them know they could come, or not. We planned on bringing our computers to have a LAN party while we were there (my boyfriend and I game together) once a few people wanted to go. We were really excited.

Recently I learned as we arrived at someone’s house to watch a game together as a group, that I am not “invited on the trip any longer”, because one of his friend’s girlfriends couldn’t come due to work, and now it’s going to be a “guy’s trip”.

I feel pretty hurt. I got upset and asked them what right they had to disinvite me from a trip that I planned, and to basically make it “no women allowed” for some odd reason (we plan things all the time and I attend; we share the same interests a lot of the time so I am confused and bothered by the implication that I’d be distracting/in the way/make it less fun). They brushed it off. So they are going now, without me or anyone else with a vagina, I guess.

My boyfriend feels torn. He is kind of a people-pleaser and doesn’t want to make waves. His friends say weird s**t sometimes about women (and say they are joking) but this makes me feel like they actually meant those things, and don’t even think of me as a friend (straw/back situation as some other things have happened that were similar but I brushed it off as my misunderstanding, at the time).

Instead of also being their friend, I’m just their friend’s girlfriend, which really hurts because I’ve really been there for a lot of these guys and gone out of my way for them (ex. one of them projectile-vomited in a bathroom at a friend’s house everywhere, and got embarrassed and didn’t know how to clean it while d**nk, so I cleaned it up for them). I have hosted at my house and always tried to make it fun. I don’t understand.

I told them it was f**ked up and I planned the trip, so they don’t get to decide that. They basically acted like I was being emotional and just needed to get over it. I have refused to talk to some of them since then.

Everyone is acting like I don’t want them to go and do things “just the guys” and I am being controlling. The narrative has been lost among our friends and I am being painted as a villain compared to other women who were going, who are “cool with it”.

When actually, I don’t give a s**t (they go out all the time for “guy’s nights” and guy’s trips), I just want to enjoy the trip I planned, regardless of being a girl, or not.

I don’t think telling them I’m coming anyway would even do anything; I can’t imagine going now, with how they clearly feel. That would be really awkward probably. But it has created a rift between my dude and his friends and they are telling him I’m being unreasonable and overreacting, and he is talking about not going and is really pissed at them but doesn’t want to ruin the friend group dynamic.

I know I can just plan something else, but this sucks.


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