She Got a Woman Banned From the Gym for Inappropriate Comments. Was She Wrong?

Some people just don’t know where to draw the line…or when to keep their mouths shut.

And this story is a real doozy…

A woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page to ask if she was wrong for getting someone banned from her gym for making incredibly inappropriate comments.

Take a look at what happened.

AITA for reporting another woman for s*xual comments she made and getting her banned from our gym?

“I have been back to the gym now that we are zero cases in my area. I have been a member of this gym for over 3 years and I regularly work out with two other women. One of the women recently brought along her friend who is new to the area.

The four of us worked out together and everything seemed fine. The problem started when we got into the change room. The woman’s change rooms are open with one section of lockers and benches and one section for showers. The toilets are a completely different room not accessible by the change room.

This layout leaves very little privacy. The showers are all just against a wall with no curtain. This leads to seeing a lot of nude or half-dressed woman.

We all went into the change room together and the new woman immediately made some uncomfortable comments. The first thing she said was “I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven” referencing the undressed state of woman in the room.

I always shower after a workout but the other two women live close to the gym and usually don’t. I went to shower when the others stayed in the change area. Because it’s such a small and open space, even in the showers you can hear the talking the change room.

As I showered I hear that the new woman was making comments about my body. I heard her say “She has my favourite body, flat ti*s and a fat *ss”. “Try calling her name, I want her to turn around so I can see her p*ssy” (I was facing towards the shower head).

The other two woman were laughing and encouraging her comments. I have left out the more innocuous ones due to character limit on the post.

I stayed in the shower until they left. On my way out I stopped by the front desk and asked if I could make a complaint. They took me to the back office and I told the manager, whom I know well, what had happened. She was understanding and told me that the woman would have her (brand new) membership revoked as her comments broke several of the gym rules.

I got a text from one of the woman the next day telling me that her friend had gotten her membership cancelled and was wondering if I knew anything. I was honest and told her that I heard what she had said while I was in the shower and had reported her.

I was called immediately and she seemed both angry and confused. She told me that the girl had just been joking around. That the comments were just to them and I wasn’t meant to hear them. She also called me a stuck up homophobic b*tch.

The other woman also sent me a long message about how disappointed she was in me and she didn’t think that I was “one of those”. She said in her message that I should have come to them before reporting to the gym and the fact I didn’t said a lot about my character.

The messages really have made me feel terrible. I feel like I’ve done something wrong.

Was I the *sshole here?”

This is really gross, if I do say so myself…

And here’s what Reddit users had to say about it.

This person said that this was harassment, plain and simple.

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Another Reddit user said that the woman did nothing wrong and that this shouldn’t be tolerated just because it’s between women.

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This individual argued that the woman was not wrong getting this person banned and she also isn’t homophobic.

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Another person didn’t think they were the a-hole.

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Finally, this reader argued that sexual harassment doesn’t have anything to do with gender and that the woman was WRONG.

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