She Kicked Her Mom and Her Pet Pig Out of Her Wedding. Was She Wrong?

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AITA for kicking my mom & her pet pig out of my wedding?

“My mom has a huge potbelly pig as a pet, she rescued him from a farm, he’s 7 years old I believe.

Back when I was planning my wedding my kept on trying to add things to my wedding specifically for the pig for example she wanted him to have his own buffet, i turned all her ideas down and told her her pig will not be attending my wedding.

Even after I told her I didn’t want him at my wedding she continued to try to get me to plan my wedding around him.

She told me that she needs him to be there because it’s her support animal. He isn’t a registered support animal even though he does bring her a big deal of comfort.

In my husband’s culture pigs are seen as dirty animals and it would absolutely be unfitting for me to have a pig at our wedding especially because it would be disrespectful to his family.

Well my mom decides to bring her pet pig to my wedding anyway even after I told her not too and she showed up late,I could tell my husband was highly upset with it but stop me when I went to confront because he didn’t want his new mother in law to h**e him.

My sister in law ended up getting scared because the pig rubbed up against her which cause the pig to get scared and ran off and bump into some expensive glass decorations which ended up falling and breaking into pieces.

I was beyond angry at my mom, this would have never happened if she didn’t bring her pig to my wedding so I yelled at her to leave.

She tried to blame it on me for not making my wedding pet friendly, like why would I change up my wedding for a pig guest that wasn’t even supposed to attend.

My mom send me a long message telling me how I humiliated her In front of my in laws and that now’s she’s embarrassed to show her face around them and that if I would’ve just set up the wedding the way she suggested to me none of this would’ve happened.

Am I the a**hole?”

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