She Made a Little Kid Leave Her Wedding. Is She a Jerk?

Uh oh…it’s another story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page that revolves around some family drama at a wedding…

And this one involved a kid getting the boot from a party!

Check out this woman’s story and see if you think she was out of line for kicking a kid out of her wedding.

AITA for making a kid leave my wedding?

“After a long wedding day we hit the reception. Things are fine until my hubby’s cousin Anna’s kid started making a fuss about cake.

Like screaming and just a huge meltdown (autistic) over not having ice cream with his cake. Like screaming. Throwing himself on the middle of the dance floor kicking his feet and he’s offered several sliced of the cake only to throw them. The floor is a sticky mess.

I was planning on doing the father daughter dance right after this. I’m almost in tears at this point and thank god my sister and MOH and my mother had enough of this and told Anna and her son they needed to go.

Anna and her son refused to leave and the boy started acting worse to where my sister gets pi**ed off and told her to leave or the police will be called. That’s not an empty threat from my sis because her FIL is a cop.

Anna leaves but we are now like an hour behind schedule because of a meltdown over ice cream. I’m not feeling any and leaving without the rest of the dances. The DJ plays for his schedule time but no one is feeling it after the kids meltdown.

New hubby gets a call on our honeymoon and his family (grandma, aunt, cousins) now want all of the wedding gifts back because my family decided to bully an autistic child who was allowed to throw a fit in the middle of the dance floor for an hour.”

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Another individual said she’s NTA but the kid’s mom should have handled this better.

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And this Reddit user said she was a saint for putting up with this for a while.

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