She Made Her Brother Come In Through the Garage Instead of the Front Door? Here’s What People Said.

Rules are rules

And if you’re in someone else’s house, you gotta follow theirs!

But some rules can lead to some hurt feelings…like in this story.

Check out this woman’s story and see if you think she was an a**hole for how she treated her brother.

AITA for making my brother come in through the garage instead of the front door?

“I recently moved in with my boyfriend, who lives in a house instead of an apartment.

He has a rule that if it has been snowing, everyone needs to enter through the garage instead of the front door, and they need to take their snow gear off before they come inside. When my brother came over to see me the other day, he wanted to come in through the front door. He said the only people you make enter through a garage are little kids and workmen.

I explained that my boyfriend was worried about the wood floors. My brother stared at me like I was crazy and asked if he needed to buy us a mop. Since I so recently moved in, and it is his house, I feel it is important to adapt to this rule. It’s not like there’s a dozen of them. My brother ended up not coming inside.

My brother says he is disappointed in me and my boyfriend has changed me, but a door is a door. I think he was being stubborn and petty. Then again, he thinks the same thing about me.”

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