She Made Someone Come Retrieve the Child They Left With Her. Was She Wrong?

Why are some people a little too willy-nilly when it comes to children?

It really doesn’t seem like a very good idea, does it?

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Take a look and see if you think this young woman did the wrong thing.

AITA for having someone retrieve the kid they left with us?

“Me (19F) and two of my friends (20F) and (20M) were hang out in my friend’s apartment. We were all about to go home after finals.

Our other friend (19F) randomly came over to the apartment with a child (5F) and said she was babysitting her. Then our friend, after an hour, suddenly disappeared and left the girl here.

I called and asked where she went, and why she didn’t bring the girl. She said she went somewhere for a bit and was just leaving the girl with us.

She didn’t return for several hours, and the girl started asking for food. We didn’t feel like it was good to give the girl junk food for dinner, but we weren’t going to take her out to a restaurant, and none of us know how to cook, so we had to call our friend several times to come get the girl.

Our friend arrived angry, demanding to know why we couldn’t watch the girl for a few hours and had to bother her.”

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This reader said that this woman is NTA and something could have possibly gone wrong with the kid.

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