She Moved Out After Her Mom Sold Her Concert Tickets. Was She Wrong?

It might seem a little bit extreme to move out of your mom’s house if she sold your concert tickets you had to go see your favorite band, but we were all 17-years-old at some point, right?

Still, it seems a little extreme…

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AITA for moving out because my mom sold concert tickets to help my sibling?

“I’m 17f, I have listened to my chemical romance almost religiously, easily since I was like 7. They’re playing in my country in a weeks time, and I had two tickets bought, one for me and one for my boyfriend.

This concert was really important to me, partially because it’s been rescheduled twice, and partially because alternative band members don’t live so long, one may be d**d before the next opportunity rolls around.

My youngest brother, Jack, 8m, has cerebral palsy and has to wear AFO splints. They’re bulky, so he can only wear certain types of shoes with them, and the only type he likes are quite expensive. My mom has tickets for Ed Sheeran, and she’s just back from a holiday, so she’s a bit broke. I assumed she’d sell her own tickets when she was talking about selling tickets.

I was very wrong, she sold mine. For like double the price I paid as well. They’re sold out for the date we were going, and I really don’t know when or if I’ll ever get this opportunity again so I’m livid.

I packed my s**t last night, and went to my boyfriends, who’s parents are more than okay with it. My mom thinks I’m being beyond unreasonable for leaving, that I am overreacting, that I’m making her look like a bad mother, etc etc, she even got my older sister to ring me and berate me down the phone. I’m starting to feel like the a**hole now, even though I thought I was right in the beginning.


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