She Refuses to Eat a Co-Worker’s Vegan Birthday Cake. Is She Wrong?

Here we go with some vegan drama again…

And, for the record, I have several vegan friends and they never even talk about it so it’s not really an issue…

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AITA for refusing to eat from my colleague’s vegan birthday cake?

“I (29f) am working in an office and I have a colleague Bea, who routinely makes fun of vegans.

I am vegan and i never make a fuss about food, i go to the same restaurants as my coworkers during lunch hour and i can always find myself something to eat without announcing my dietary choices. Bea keeps calling me out on it though and she’s very condescending about it.

She keeps saying i am just having a phase and she keeps offering me bites of her lunch that contain cheese and meat, and when i refuse she just goes “oh come on, its vegan i promise!” winkwink. Its very childish and annoying and even other people asked her to tone it down, but she insists shes just joking.

Last week she brought a homemade cake to the office for her birthday, and when she put a slice down in front of me i politely thanked her but i said i cant eat that. She said the cake is vegan and she made it specifically so i could eat it, but knowing her very loose definition of vegan i asked a few questions about the ingredients and she didnt check any of them for milk or eggs, so I thanked her again but refused the slice. She made a big scene out of it, she started crying and saying she just wanted to do something nice for me and now i ruined her birthday.

Some colleagues told me not to mind her dramatics, but my boss told me that it was her birthday and i could have given her cooking the benefit of the doubt. I sort of see his point, but i also feel like i dont need to justify my food choices to anyone and i never asked her to make the cake vegan for me.


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