She Refuses to Let Her Sister-In-Law Wear Her Wedding Dress. Is She Wrong?

Should women let other ladies wear their wedding dresses?

I’m not a woman so I don’t have an opinion on the matter, but it seems like females get pretty worked up about their wedding dresses…

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AITA for not letting my SIL wear my wedding dress?

“My (28F) husband (30M) have been married for almost six years now. At the time of our engagement, neither of us had much money, so there was no way I could have afforded the wedding dress that I wanted to wear.

Thankfully for me, my mother is something of a seamstress, and offered to help me make my dream dress. We spent over a year finding the pattern, picking the fabrics, and making my beautiful wedding dress completely from scratch. It’s the first big project I’ve ever sewn, so I’m quite proud of it. Making it also brought me much closer to my mother, as the whole project was sort of a bonding experience.

It also holds a lot of additional sentimental value as my dad passed away while we were making it, so I sewed a heart shaped cutout of one of his shirts into the lining of the dress in order to keep him with me on my big day. This dress not only brought me closer to my husband, but my family too. It means so much to me.

My SIL (F23) just got engaged recently, and is in a similar situation with her wedding. She just got out of college and started work as a teacher. Between her loans and a relatively low salary, she doesn’t have very much money to pay for her wedding. Dress shopping has been a bit stressful for her, as all the dresses that fit her taste are just so far out of her budget.

This all leads up to Tuesday morning, when she called up my husband and asked if I would be willing to let her borrow my dress. She mentioned that it could be her “something borrowed.” My husband says that he would have to ask me first, because it wasn’t his to loan out. His sister told him that it wouldn’t be a problem and I’d barely miss it as it was just sitting in a box anyway. He still said he would have to ask me and forgot about it.

He finished his work day and picked me up from my job and we came home to his little sister trying on my wedding dress and his mom clipping it in the back to fit her better. Seeing somebody else in my dress totally blindsided me. I was stunned and asked what they were doing, and my MIL said that they were planning alterations since SIL is significantly smaller than me.

I told them that there is no way I would be loaning my dress out to anyone. It not only represents my love to my husband, but the bond with some of my family as well. This escalated into an argument that ended in my MIL calling me a selfish b**ch and leaving with SIL. My husband thankfully grabbed the dress during the argument so they didn’t grab it when they left.

I was really upset, but thought about it after I had some time to call down. I don’t have any uses for my dress, and I do love my SIL. I feel as if I maybe overreacted and shut them down too quickly.


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