She Refuses to Look After Her Little Brother for a Week. Is She Wrong?

In a lot of families, you have to look after your younger siblings from time to time…it’s just the way it goes.

But what if you put your foot down and refuse to do it?

That’s the issue at the middle of this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page. Read on to see if you think this young woman was out of line for refusing to watch her little brother for a week.

AITA for refusing to look after my little brother for a week?

“So I (19F) have two brothers, 17 and 5 years old.

Ever since the youngest was born, I have been expected to look after him quite a lot. I usually don’t mind but I do feel like a free nanny sometimes. My parents make it seem like he is my responsibility. My mom often yells that ”no one helps her with James (my 5yo brother) and I should take care of him more”. My father is away a lot because of his work, sometimes even weeks.

This september I am starting uni. I have my own apartment that I will move into this weekend. (You should note that my parents have said to me multiple times these past few years that they can’t wait until I move out because I am so lazy in their opinion and never help out).

So next week is orientation week for my uni. The uni is in my hometown so I am not moving far, just getting my own place. The orientation week is super important for getting to know the people you will spend the next few years with. It is also important to attend because all the important info will be given during this week. My schedule is quite packed for the whole week, days start at 10am and continue till late night.

The problem is that both my parents have important work stuff next week as well. My mom is flying abroad for work and dad is away the whole week as well. My parents said to me that they expect me to take James to and from daycare and spend the evenings with him, feed and bathe him and put him to bed.

I told them that this won’t be possible because of my uni schedule but I can take him to daycare and depending on schedule help out. I reminded them that my 17yo brother is also capable of helping out, since he is still living with them and doesn’t have such a packed schedule that week and has more time to help out.

My parents said that this won’t be possible since my brother has to focus on his high school studies and is too young. (Note that I would take care of James for whole weekends since 14yo).

I don’t want to be difficult but what my parents are asking from me is too much. They got really angry at me when I explained the situation and told me that I shouldn’t ask them for help ever again because they will not give me any.

They are not offering me any money either for taking care of a 5 yo for an entire week whilst pushing all my important things aside. I know for a fact that they sometimes give my other brother money for helping out but never offer it to me. I feel like they are in the wrong here but I might not see things that clearly.

So, AITA?”

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