She Refuses to Work From Home and Now No One Can Bring Their Dogs to the Office. Is She a Jerk?

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AITA for refusing to work from home, so now people can no longer bring their dogs to the office?

“Hi, I’m a 32f. Here it goes:

Everyone working in the office, dogs were never even an option

Pandemic, shut down, working from home

People trickle back in, and they are allowed to bring their dogs to ease the transition

My group stays back for another year.

Everyone’s finally called back to the office

I’m allergic to dogs, and the smell gives me migraines. Huge bummer, because I do like dogs, but it explains why in one foster home I was always feeling sick.

Boss says we’ll figure something out.

People with their own offices are not willing to give them up.

Boss tells me that maybe it’s best if I work from home.

I live in a tiny studio that barely fits my bed, and I have to sit on it or on my floor to have a workspace. I have one window. It’s suffocating and I was starting to go crazy living there during the pandemic and WFH.

So, I say that if I can negotiate a raise that will be enough to help me to move to a larger place, I will consider WFH.

Boss takes that to their boss, comes back and says unfortunately it’s not in the budget.

I say I’m not going back to WFH.

Boss insists it couldn’t be as bad as I’m saying and that everyone had to make adjustments. Mind you, boss and most of my other coworkers live in houses that they own, most have huge backyards, entire rooms to dedicate as an office, etc. So of course they don’t think it’s a big deal.

I stand firm, and remind them that someone can give me an office, but no one would.

So unfortunately, everyone has to stop bringing the dogs to the office. Coworkers and other people in the building are saying I’m selfish for not just taking the deal and going back to WFH because they’d all love to be allowed to.

When I’ve told people about the tiny apartment and how I can’t afford more, they say things like “just move back in with your parents” “just stop buying starbucks” and “start doing uber/uber eats after work” and “move to X suburb” even as though I’m CHOOSING to be in this position just to spite them.

Others have been like “why can’t you just take a claritin” and tell me making up the smell causing migraines.

Each of them has a suggestion about how I should go out of my way to make all these changes (some of which I can’t even do!) just because people want to bring their dogs to an office.

Am I really the a**hole for this?”

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