She Scared Her Boyfriend While Hiking Because He Kept Leaving Her Behind. Was She Wrong?

I come from a family of notoriously fast walkers.

If we’re out to dinner or walking around somewhere, at least one person will leave everyone in the dust. That leads to minor arguments and everyone gets over it eventually…

But this story turned out a lot different.

Take a look at what happened.

AITA for scaring my boyfriend and his brother by “going missing” when my they repeatedly left my friend and I behind on a hike?

“I had plans with my boyfriend Jack, his brother Tyler, and my friend Paula to go hiking last weekend.

I’d suggested a easier flatter trail for us to hike, since Paula isn’t as experienced a hiker as the rest of us.

I thought the plan was to just hike together and hang out and talk, but the day of, we started at a normal pace and the guys just kept going faster. Paula was lagging behind kinda out of breath and I stuck with her

I irritated because a HUGE rule of wilderness safety is to stay with your group. Because s**t can go sideways fast in the backcountry

They were stopping to wait every mile or so, we never knew where because they didn’t say and nobody had cell service. But as soon as we caught up they’d start going at top speed again leaving us playing “catch up” nonstop.

I told Jack that I’d like them to stick with us, and he complained that we were too slow, the trail was too easy, they “needed” their workout.

After the 3rd time they ran off, Paula and I got to this viewpoint before the main peak.

So we sat down to take our first breather in hours, and vent.

She joked that we should stop chasing and let them wonder. I suggested we just hang out at the viewpoint until the guys noticed, or found us on the way back down.

She pulled out a joint she’d been planning on sharing at the top of the mountain and we hung out and smoked and ate our lunch.

It was an hour and a half before the guys came back, we heard them before we saw them, they were sprinting down the trail yelling our names. I called out “Over Here” except I was coughing from smoking so it sounded more like “OVHHHH COUGH COUGH ERE”

The guys came running to the viewpoint and Paula was giggling her a** off at my attempt to yell. I got the giggles from her (and the joint we’d just finished) too.

The guys confused our giggling for crying since we were both just kinda wheezing with laughter and were asking what happened. I was like “were ok we’re just high”.

Tyler got really mad at us, saying they had stopped off a half mile from the summit to wait for us before making the final push, and after we didn’t show up for an hour they decided to turn back to look for us instead of summiting. And he was furious that we just stopped to get high without telling them.

I was like “i thought we split up, like y’all were off doing your own thing all day” and my boyfriend raised his voice at me telling me that you don’t split up a group without communication.

At that, Paula and I got the giggles again… Like ‘no s**t’ It was just funny how he was saying the same thing I’d been saying all day.

For the rest of the hike, the guys were angry with us because we “ruined” their summit, making them turn back just because we didn’t even try to keep up.

AITA for “going missing” on a hike?

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