She Stormed Out of Her Hair Appointment Without Paying. Was She Wrong?

Why do some hairstylists insist on arguing and disagreeing with their clients?

Sure, advice is definitely welcome, but the final decision is ultimately up to the paying customer, right?

Am I crazy for thinking that?

Check out this story and see if you think this young woman was wrong for walking out after a disagreement with her stylist.

AITA for storming out of my hair appointment without paying?

“I (22F) have been seeing the same hairstylist, Talia, for a few years now, and because we always chat during my appointments, she knows the basics of my life.

I have always had long hair, sometimes going a bit shorter (shortest has been to my shoulders), adding bangs, adding layers, etc. Nothing crazy. Well, I had an appointment yesterday and I decided to go for a super short pixie cut.

My stylist was shocked, but then she made a joke like “Oh no, this is breakup hair, isn’t it?” I was weirded out by that but I confirmed that yes, actually, my boyfriend of a year and I broke up a few weeks ago, but it had nothing to do with my hair.

She then tells me that she really doesn’t want to cut my hair that short, because my hair is so nice (her words, I don’t really care) and it would be a “waste” to cut it. She then remembers that I’m going to be my sister’s Maid of Honor in a couple months, and that I’ll have graduation in the spring, and she said that I’ll regret having short hair in the photos.

Honestly I was pretty offended at that. As a grown woman whether or not I regret a hairstyle down the line is none of her business, as long as she does the cut well. She told me the shortest she would go was a long bob, and so I told her that I would be leaving, as that’s not what I want.

She tried to get me to pay the “cancelation fee”, as now she was going to lose the 2 hours booked, and what I would have paid. I told her that wasn’t my problem, and I left anyways. On my way out, she told me I wasn’t welcome back.

I relayed this story to my friends today, and the response was mixed. A couple people told me she was just trying to look out for me in case I did regret the haircut, and that after the past couple years, me walking out may have really hurt her financially.

I feel really torn. I don’t like conflict, but I really felt like Talia crossed a line when she refused to do my hair the way I wanted.


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