She Threw Shade at Her Mother-In-Law When She Asked for a Key to Their House. Is She Wrong?

Throwing’ shade at your in-laws is (almost) never a good idea.

It leads to a lot of hurt feelings and can spell trouble for your relationship.

So was this woman out of line for what she did to her mother-in-law?

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AITA for giving my MIL a copy of her own house key when she asked to get a copy of mine?

“My hubby and I recently bought a new home together. His mom started pestering us for a copy of the key in case of an emergency.

I told her about the rule we have and that is “only residents get to have a copy of the key”. She kept complaining and even got the family involved.

Last week, she demanded a copy of the key sent to her. I decided to grab the copy of the key to HER HOUSE that my husband was keeping for years and sent it to her with a note saying “only residents get a copy so this copy is for the home YOU reside in”. She was beyond livid about it.

She told the family and I was called names. Now hubby is complaining about how I escalated and made a mistake by upsetting her further instead of just sticking to “no”.”

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This reader said she’s NTA but her mother-in-law sure seems like one.

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Another individual said it sounds like the MIL just wants a key so she can snoop around their house.

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And this individual said she’s NTA but they think this stunt probably made things worse.

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