Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Revealing Why She Didn’t Invite People to Her Child-Free Wedding

I don’t understand why people choose to air their dirty laundry on social media, but you see it every day…

And a woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask the fine folks there if they think she was out of line for what she posted about her wedding.

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AITA for posting the reasons that I excluded some people from my child free wedding?

“My sister got married last summer. She had a very elegant and beautiful wedding and reception planned. It was child free.

She sent gracious note to everyone who sent their regrets and thanked them for understanding her desires for her wedding and respecting them enough to RSVP in the negative. She also invited them to a party later that summer at her home if they wanted to take pictures with her and her wedding party in their fancy clothes.

I thought it was well handled and classy.

Several people did not understand the meaning of “child free” and brought their kids anyways. One screamed through the ceremony and the mom would not leave the chapel because she did not want to cause a fuss. There were no problem Xtra places for them at the reception so their parents had to share their food with them.

The worst was the kid that wanted a cupcake off the table the wedding cake was on. He lost tipped the wedding cake onto the floor. My dad saved it but there was a handprint on the lowest tier and a lot of cupcakes hit the floor.

All in all it was four families that brought uninvited children.

My wedding invitations just went out over Christmas. We are getting married in May. I know this is a long time but we have a lot of out of town, country, and even continent guests we hope will come.

We did not invite these families to our wedding. We have a Facebook group for the wedding for people to share pictures and memories that we might put in the wedding video. They found out about the group and posted to my personal page about being excluded and asking why we are not inviting them.

I messaged them privately and asked them to take down their posts and explained that my wedding was smaller and I wasn’t having as many guests as my sister. They went public again and b**ched about me excluding them for no good reason. So I post d the receipts. I posted a video my cousin sent me of the kid crying during the ceremony and the parents doing nothing.

The video of the kid freaking out because he had to share trout for supper. The before and after pictures of the wedding cake table. And I also asked of they knew in advance that they were not supposed to bring their kids to the wedding. Then everyone started piling on. To them.

I guess there was a lot of stuff I missed. Including one of them changing a kid on the table with the guest book because the closest bathroom did not have a baby station.

Now they are all calling me an asshole for embarrassing them for having children and wanting to be part of family events. I said that they could not understand why rules were in place and that is why they were not invited.

My uncle posted about how embarrassed he was that his daughter was one of these entitled jerks and offered to pay my sister for the cake that got wrecked. He had been unable to attend and hadn’t heard about the cake.


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One person said she’s NTA and the people who were uninvited don’t deserve to be at the wedding.

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Another reader said she’s NTA and that these folks sound horrible.

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And this individual said she needs to stick to her guns and this is HER wedding.

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