She Told Her Boyfriend It’s Not a Random Woman’s Job to Educate His Daughter. Did She Go Too Far?

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AITA for telling my boyfriend its not a random woman’s job to educate his child?

“My boyfriend has a special needs daughter. She’s on the spectrum. They were in a fast food place one day when a very new baby started to cry. The crying made his daughter cry.

His daughter is non verbal is developmentally delayed as well as sensory issues including noise. Anyway, when his daughter started to cry he went around the corner to where the crying was coming from. There was a new mom tucked in a corner, trying to nurse her new baby. He brought his daughter right up to the woman and baby and said “see the baby is fine” but his daughters crying got louder.

He asked the already visibly stressed woman to explain to his daughter why the baby is crying and noted she was autistic. The woman was hesitant but explained the baby is just hungry. His daughter continued to scream while the baby continued to scream. All around a very stressful situation for everyone involved.

My boy friend continued to stand there and asked the woman if it’s OK that they hang around until the baby stops crying so he can show his daughter that the baby is OK. The woman refused. He got upset and stressed that his daughter just wants to make sure the baby is OK.

When he later told me about the incident I just stared in disbelief. I asked if he didn’t think the woman was stressed enough without him hanging over her like that? He said to me that he thinks where his daughter is special needs the lady should have been more obliging.

That’s when I said it wasn’t that woman’s job to educate his child and that he had crossed a line. He thinks I’m being inconsiderate and insensitive. I don’t feel I am, I feel he was insensitive towards the woman and her new baby and I feel he’s entitled for thinking the woman should have taken the time and allowed them to just stand there and watch her nurse when she clearly was trying to hide from people.

I also think it’s weird he asked if they could watch so she could learn. If a man asked me that I’d think he was a p**vert using his kid as a thinly veiled excuse to watch me.”

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