She Told Her Brother off Over Changing a Baby’s Diaper. Did She Go Too Far?

Hey, some folks just aren’t into changing diapers

And can you blame them?

Well, I guess you can, because sometimes you just have to step up and get it done!

And it sounds like this woman is pretty annoyed at her brother.

Did she act like an a**hole? Check out her story and see what you think.

AITA for telling my brother off when he berated my daughter for not changing her cousin’s diaper?

“Context: I moved in with my brother after my divorce 3 months ago and brought my 18yo daughter with me. My brother and his girlfriend have a 9 months old daughter (my niece).

This happened this past Friday, My brother’s girlfriend was on a shift (she’s a nurse) and my brother was in a wfh meeting. I was out of the house for hours. He was watching the baby via nanny cam and apparently, she needed a diaper change but he was so busy.

He texted my daughter asking if she’d go in and quickly change her cousin’s diaper but she refused. She told me that she had her reasons. One, she doesn’t feel comfortable around babies. and two, she was already late for her friend’s birthday party (her other friend and brother were waiting on her outside).

My brother insisted but she refused which made him cut the meeting and getting kicked out of it. My daughter was out of the house at that point.

I got home and there was a huge argument. I found my brother berating my daughter for not helping with her baby cousin and doing him this small, one time favor now he got kicked out of his meeting. My daughter was crying so I told my brother off and said that his daughter is his and his girlfriend’s responsibility and he shouldn’t rely on my daughter for her care.

He explained how it was just a one time favor and how he’s been very supportive of us since I divorced my ex but I told him that it’s not an excuse to force my daughter to do what she didn’t feel comfortable with. His girlfriend got involved and called me an ungrateful a**hole and told us we have 2 weeks to move out.

I tried to speak to my brother about his girlfriend’s decision but he shut me off saying I was in the wrong for telling him off instead of holding my daughter accountable for her lack of support.”

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