She Told Her Cousin That His Girlfriend’s Needs Aren’t as Important as Her Daughter’s. Was She Wrong?

People never cease to amaze me…

And I don’t mean that in a good way!

I’m talking about how delusional and clueless some folks seem to be when it comes to where people, especially parents, are going to place their loyalties.

But did this woman act like an a**hole?

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AITA for telling my cousin that his girlfriend’s needs aren’t as important as my daughters?

“My daughter is autistic and has a support dog.

He’s an anatolian shepherd, so a big scary dog – he was initially supposed to be a livestock guardian for my dad but when I took my daughter to meet him they kind of bonded. We ended up with him a few weeks later due to him being generally bad at his job and now he works to support my daughter (and she absolutely loves him).

This is all to say we have a very big dog who looks very mean sometimes. He’s sweet as anything, though.

My cousins girlfriend is terrified of dogs. The first time she saw him she refused to come in the house.

We have a pretty big house, so family meals are usually held at mine. This is obviously posing an issue as his girlfriend won’t come into my house because of the dog.

We have crated him for very short periods so she could come in, but she’s clearly very uncomfortable, and my daughter gets very nervous around new people without him present.

I’ve explained that there isn’t any compromise to make, and my cousin is quite annoyed, asking why we couldn’t just leave the dog home and eat elsewhere.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind, as I could just leave my daughter with her mom, but no one else wants to cook lol. In my opinion if he wants to reinforce family bonding so much he should offer to cook.

Anyway, its a serious issue right now and causing arguments within family. It all came to a head last night when they dropped off my dad; he’s staying for Christmas.

Anyway, my cousin started yelling, asked me why I h**ed his girlfriend so much and couldn’t accommodate her. I told him his girlfriends fears weren’t as important to me as my daughters comfort.

My dad ended up cooling it down and essentially called me an a**hole. She can’t control her fears and all that.

So, AITA? I feel a little bad; but my daughter feeling comfort is more important to me.”

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