She Told Her Daughter She Really Doesn’t Have PTSD. Is She Wrong?

Okay, kid, get over it.

Well, that might be a little bit harsh, but it sounds like this mom had to lay down the law and put her daughter in place for claiming she has PTSD.

But did she go too far?

Let’s get all the details in her story

AITA For Telling My Daughter That She Doesn’t Really Have PTSD?

“I (42f) have three children: 14f, 8m, and 2f.

Last year, our house flooded during a storm and it’s still taking time to get everything repaired. My children and I are staying with my brother until we can return back home. It’s been an adjustment for everybody but we’re managing.

My younger daughter has her moments but she was really too little to remember any of the actual flooding. My son was pretty anxious in storms for a few months but has gotten over it as he realizes that what happened to us is relatively rare for the area. Initially, my older daughter was doing okay but now that it’s around the year-anniversary she’s gotten a lot more worried.

The thing about my daughter is that, unlike her siblings, she’s been afraid of thunderstorms her entire life, and it was actually kind of odd how not-afraid she’s been for this past year. I thought she had just aged out of the fear. Now that it’s returned, I figured that last year must have been a fluke and she’s gotten back to being her normal self.

So, when my daughter came to me a few nights ago stating that she thinks that she has PTSD, I started laughing. I wasn’t laughing at her, I was laughing because it’s absurd. None of us have PTSD and I can say as her mother that her current fear levels are not a product of any PTSD, but simply a return to her pre-flooding fear of thunderstorms.

However, ever since our conversation, my daughter’s refused to talk to me. I confronted her about her rudeness and told her that, though I understand that she’s afraid of thunderstorms and has been forever, she doesn’t really have PTSD. She’ll age out of her fear in time, and I think she can get over most of it when we can go back home.

She told me that I’m mean and don’t listen to her. I don’t think I’m terribly mean but my brother told me that I could have been nicer, so I figured that I would ask, AITA?”

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