What Was Ruined by Rich People? Here’s What Folks Said.

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1. Out of reach.

“Montessori schools.

The method was created to be able to teach poor orphans well despite little funding.

Now it’s some sort of “elite” schooling for $20K+ a year.”

2. Too bad.

“The Internet.

Back when the internet was just losers who had no other place in society everything was cool. You knew the only people online were people who genuinely wanted to be part of the community and subculture.

Then the rich people found out about it, and now it’s nothing but ads, subscriptions fees, data gathering, and rich people pretending to be hip.”

3. Ruining all hobbies.

“Any hobby where there’s potential profit.

Now you’ve got d**kheads like the Logan Paul ruining Pokémon cards. Not because they’re into them because they like Pokémon but because they read the stories about the rare cards and just hammered their endless piles of cash into getting everything.

Same with those a**hole sheiks with massive comic book collections. They don’t give a f**k about comics. They just collect popular valuable stuff.”

4. Ruined.

“Burning Man was the first thing I thought of.

When Mark Zuckerberg is helicoptering in to stay in a billionaire camp with air conditioned mobile homes, Burning Man has lost whatever counterculture standing it had.”

5. Not cheap anymore.

“Cheap foods, like Chicharrones or Tuétano (I’m from Mexico).

When I was a kid, Tuétano was something that were even gift in meats market, now they sell you a damn bone in meat price or even higher!! The same with chicharrón, that was really cheap to buy, but with rich people discovering how good it is, now is impossible.

All places up the prices because rich people buy it at high rates, and don’t know what the heck they are shopping anyway.”

6. Totally insane.

“The price of housing.

Either renting or owning, it’s insane. Worldwide.”

7. Sad!

“Brisket used to be a leftover cut given to workers who figured out how to make it awesome.

Now we have brisket-flation and rich people smoking them on their $1,500 Bluetooth enabled pellet smokers.”

8. I had no idea.

“1980s and ’90s cars.

The market is super hot right now and all the rich guys are buying them up.

Sorta like ’50s and ’60s cars in the ’90s”

9. Sucks.

“I think rich people ruined all mountain towns to be honest.

I left mine after 12 years even though I had a k**ler rent deal because I knew it was only going to keep getting worse.”



Once upon a time we lined up to buy concert tickets. They were all the same price and we knew they’d go on sale tomorrow at 10 am.

If you were there early enough, you got to see Metallica from the front row for the same $20 as the guy in the back row who waited a week. It was a meritocracy based on who cared enough to camp their a** out a sidewalk all night.”

11. Changed forever.

“Colorado, Wyoming, Montana…all of them.

Rich people see land, water, or places that they can get a lot for a little and buy it up, price everyone out and then locals no longer can afford to be there or want to be there since most of them are insufferable.

It’s such a shame what state the world is in, in that respect.”

12. Not premium.

“Cheap and simple dishes: ramen, tacos, sushi.

Now everything’s gotta be labeled premium only to taste the exact same…if not, worse.”

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