She Told Her Fiance That He’s a Thief. Is She Wrong?

This is just my opinion, but I don’t think your engagement is on the greatest path if you call the person you’re going to marry a THIEF.

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AITA for telling my fiancée he committed theft by gifting his nephew the gift I bought for my sick brother?

“My F30 brother M16 was born with a heart condition that prevented him from living his childhood to the fullest and doing his favorite activities. He can’t do most things due to his condition and the side affects his medication have on him.

My parents have always struggled with money because of medical bills and unfortunately they can not afford to buy my brother nice things for example he always wanted a console to play with. He only gets to play when my uncle and cousins visits and bring their console.

My brother has been feeling sad and lonely recently after his doctors recommended that visits be limited. I decided to use my salary to get him his own console and wait til Christmas to give it to him. I bought an xbox and has been sitting in my close til I discovered that my fiance took it and sent it to his nephew who lives states away.

I was in dismay I confronted him about it asking why he took the xbox knowing it was supposed to be a gift for my brother and he said he knew but explained his sister’s single mom and couldn’t buy any gifts for her son nor are they receiving gifts from family since they’re all ignoring her after giving her money so the think they’ve done enough.

He told me he felt sorry for his nephew and wanted to cheer him up but didn’t have money so he thought that he could send him the xbox then we’ll figure out what I’m going to gift my brother together. I told him he had no right to touch the xbox and said that what he did was theft which made him upset and somewhat shocked.

He said he was very hurt I essentially called him a thief when he thought that I cared about our nephew as much and he does and explained my brother does not need the xbox since he can’t find time to play due to his condition and also not finding playmates also due to his condition.

I told him my brother is still capable and he was making it seem as if he wasn’t but he argued he didn’t mean it this way, just that he was hurt I called his good deed “theft” but I stood by what I said and demanded he either pay for the xbox or pay me but he acted more hurt calling me callous and mean to take a gift from a child like that but I said I didn’t gift his nephew this device and so it is not my problem.

He gave me complete silence and then went to stay at a hotel for 3 days saying I was being unfair to him and hurt him deeply. The problem still stands and he is counting on me to let it go and see that he was just helping his sister and nephew out.


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