Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Leaving a Restaurant After Her BF Wouldn’t Pay For Her Meal

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AITA for leaving the restaurant after my BF refused to pay for my meal?

“I had lent my bf some money few weeks ago because of something he needed and he promised to pay me back asap.

He was supposed to pay me back 5 days ago but something came up and he didn’t. I tried to be patient.

Yesterday we had planned to go out with some friends at night for dinner. Yesterday after I came back from work I was robbed in the bus and I had all my money and cards stolen. I cancelled my cards but the bank customer service told me my new card with my new details (both physical card and the digital details for apple pay) would be available the following morning because the banks were closed that afternoon. So I had no money.

When we went to dinner with my bf and friends I told my bf if he could just pay me back the money or at least pay for my meal since I have no money. He didn’t exactly say yes or no, just a simple “don’t worry”. As we ordered he only ordered for himself and told me that he can’t cover for mine at the moment so I better not order anything and just have some bites from his meal.

I was so mad and frustrated because he had promised to give me back the money, he then claimed something came up and couldn’t give them back but then ordered a nice meal for himself and just told me to get his scraps because he wouldn’t pay me back or at least for my meal. I’d be the only one sitting there with no meal in front of me. I said this is ridiculous and I got up and left.

Our friends now believe it was very low of me to get up and leave and how I should just be polite and stay there. I can’t quite understand that logic but is there any way I am TA?”

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