She Told Her Husband She Hopes He and His Family Go Bankrupt. Was She Wrong?

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AITA for saying I hope my husband and his family all go bankrupt?

“So last year I went through a very nasty custody battle with my husband (at the time ex-fiancé) over our son.

My husband had the money and the team of expensive lawyers so things weren’t going very well for me at all. My husband gave me two options: either marry him and we could pretend none of this ever happened or lose my son.

Our marriage for the most part has been fine. It isn’t what I thought our lives would’ve been like when we first got engaged but it’s better than the alternative.

Yesterday, we went to dinner at his parents’ house. My FIL was telling my husband about a friend of his who was going to declare bankruptcy soon. I never joined the conversation and I had to excuse myself because my son dirtied his clothes so I needed to change him. I guess I was taking too long because my husband came to see if I needed his help.

He brought up the bankruptcy and I tried to keep my thoughts to myself but he asked me what I was thinking and wouldn’t accept that it was nothing. I told him the truth eventually, which was that I wish he had gone bankrupt last year.

My husband told me that it wouldn’t have changed anything because his dad would’ve paid for everything. I got angry and I told him I hoped he and his family all went bankrupt then. My husband told me I better watch what I say to him.

The reason I feel like I might be an AH is because my SIL, who was one of my best friends until last year, overheard what I said and made it clear I had hurt her feelings.


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