She Told Her Husband That He’s a Bad Father. Did She Go Too Far?

Certain things you say to people can cut so deep to the bone that it causes a whole lot of issues.

And those words get amplified when you’re dealing with family members.

So did this woman go WAY too far for what she said to her husband?

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AITA for telling my husband he is a bad dad to one of our kids?

“Me (F36) and my husband Will (M35) have three kids Adam (M9), Maddie (F7) and Megan (F6). Will has always been into video games, Star Wars and anime etc. It’s never been my cup of tea but I think it’s healthy that we have separate hobbies and interests and we have other stuff in common.

When we had Adam, my hubby was super excited to share his interests with him and bought him Star Wars themed toys, etc. For Adam’s first Halloween, he dressed him up as Darth Vader and it was super cute.

It was the same for the girls. I did tell Will that I had no issue with this while the kids were small but we had to let them develop their own interests. As it turns out both Adam and Maddie love playing computer games with their dad and have similar interests so there have been no issues.

The problem now is that as Megan is getting older she is showing more interest in princesses and barbies etc and finds her dad and siblings’ interests boring. Will seems to have an issue with this and keeps trying to encourage Megan more towards his interests. At Halloween he seemed annoyed that Megan wanted to dress as Elsa as he always took pride in Maddie not dressing up as a princess like lots of her classmates.

This Christmas it has come to a head as Will spent all of Boxing Day playing the switch with Adam and Maddie and helping them build Lego while leaving Megan out. Will has offered Megan to play with them but she wants to play with her new toys and the games that she likes.

I played with Megan most of the day but she asked if she could play her new barbie game on the switch for a while with her dad. I told them all to let her have a turn and play the barbie game with Megan. Adam and Maddie were actually fine and seemed to have fun but Will kept making fun of the game and telling Megan that other games like Mario kart were far more fun.

I could see Megan losing confidence in wanting to play the game and she started to say she didn’t want to play anymore so I pulled Will aside and told him off and said that while he was a great dad to Adam and Maddie he was being a bad dad to Megan by ignoring her interests.

Will was really, really hurt by being called a bad dad and has been quiet ever since. The kids are now starting to notice that their dad is upset. I’m now wondering if I was too harsh as he is generally a good dad and I do know that he loves Megan as much as he loves Adam and Maddie.”

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