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AITA for telling him to leave?

“My son “Jimmy” is 17 and he dropped out of school said “doesn’t feel like attending anymore” and told me privately he doesn’t wanna get a GED and I didnt say anything because I didn’t know what to say.

My Husband “Evan” works every day he’s a doctor he’s always on call and recently has been asking my son what hes doing after high school and Jimmy just changes the question and it’s started to get heated last month with arguments.

Last night I got home and Jimmy’s stuff was being picked up by his girlfriend “Rose” and I asked rose what was happening and she said Evan kicked him out and I was mad.

I walked in the house and me and Evan started arguing and I said “Why did you kick him out?” And Evan said “you didn’t tell me he dropped out you told me he got suspended he just wants to live off us and I’m not having it so I said “School or Kicked out” and he said kicked out” I told Evan to leave and he tried to say let’s talk it out but I kicked him out.

My mother called me saying Evan was right my sister said Evan overstepped his bounds but a majority of my family is on Team Evan.


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