She Told Her Parents They Can Replace Her Car or Let Her Sister Go to Jail. Is She a Jerk?

You have two options here and neither of them sound great for you…

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It sounds like that’s exactly the ultimatum that this person gave to their parents…but did they act like an a**hole?

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AITA for making my parents choose between my sister going to jail or replacing my car with their vacation money?

“I (f17) live with my parents. I have an older sister (29) that they had when they were super young. Like I think my mom was 19 and my dad was 18.

They did not do a great job with her and she has a lot of problems. She is chronically unemployed and she is a thief.

She has two kids that are okay. They live with us as well because her boyfriend didn’t want them around. I like the kids but they are spoiled little brats my parents dote on to make up for being s**tty parents to their mom.

My parents won’t let me put a lock on my door because it is their house and they don’t want that. No problem. I talked to the kids and explained about what would happen if they came into my room without permission. We have an understanding.

Well my sister broke up with her boyfriend and she needed a place to stay. I begged my parents not to let her stay with us. They declined. So I begged again for a lock for my door. No dice.

I have to go to school so I can’t guard my stuff at all times. When I came home on Friday I found my car absolutely trashed and the side of it destroyed.

My sister had gone into my room, found my spare key and taken my car. Then lost control on the ice after a day of eating c**p and tossing fast food wrappers everywhere. She sideswiped a tree.

When I saw my car I was livid. I told my parents that I expected her to pay to fix it. They said she didn’t have any money. So I said that I would call my grandparents. They had helped me get the car and insurance.

After talking with my grandfather I came back to talk to my parents. I said that the insurance would cover fixing or replacing my car depending on the damage. But that I would have to file a police report. And that my sister would probably be charged for stealing my car. They begged me to tell insurance that she had permission. I said nope.

So rather than go through insurance they are replacing my car. But they are using money that they had sett aside to take me and my nieces to Orlando next summer for my graduation. It’s fine. I can do without seeing Disney World again. But my parents, sister, and nieces are upset with me and saying that I’m an a**hole for denying my nieces the opportunity to go on a vacation that they have never had.

I just asked them if a lock for my door would have been cheaper.


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