She Took Her Daughter to McDonald’s Before a Sleepover Was Done. Was She Wrong?

Hey, when a kid wants McDonald’s, you give them McDonald’s, right?

Well, at least some of the time…

And here’s another question: who would get angry about a mom taking their own kid to get some food?

Hmmm, let’s see what exactly is going on in this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page…

AITA for taking my daughter from a McDonald’s before her sleepover was over?

“So my daughter is 14 and I had agreed to let her go to a sleepover with one of her friends houses her friend is also 14, her friend has been over my house a few times and I’ve met her parents a few times to.

I dropped her off last night, maybe 3 hours later I get a text from my daughter who was in a McDonald’s drive through and telling me that her parents won’t get her anything to eat and won’t let her have any snacks, I called her and before she said anything I could hear her friend parents laughing about it.

Luckily that McDonald’s was on the way to where I was driving to so I went there spotted them, my daughter ran to me, there faces looked shocked, I said to not call or message about interacting with my daughter ever again and left.

I’m not being told that I was inconsiderate of there possible situations because they might be on a budget but my things is if they were, why the f**k wouldn’t they tell me this? I would’ve gladly given my daughter money, instead you sitting there laughing about not feeding my kid?

And here’s what Reddit users had to say.

One person said she’s NTA and that she did the right thing.

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Another individual also said she’s NTA and that you shouldn’t have kids over if you can’t feed them.

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And this Reddit user also said she’s NTA and they shouldn’t have had her daughter over.

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