She Walked Out of Her Husband’s Birthday Party Because He Laughed at Her. Was She Wrong?

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AITA for walking out of my husband’s birthday party after he started laughing at me?

“I f32 just completed my treatment for a medical issue that affected my body. I had gained weight due to this medical condition and also medication and none of my old clothes were fitting anymore.

I bought new fitting clothes but for my husband’s birthday party, he asked me to wear one of my old dresses that was one of his favorites. To appease him I said yes although I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it especially after the weight gain.

He was at the restaurant with his family and friends when I arrived with my sister. As soon as he saw me walking in, he busted out laughing….he pointed at the dress and was going hysterical saying “oh my God” I felt so incredibly mad. Especially when the others started laughing as well.

One of his friends started whistling in a mocking tone. I turned around instantly and walked out and my sister followed me. I went home and cried a little but he kept calling non stop.

He came home and started talking about how oversensitive I was and that “it was just a natural reaction” he had upon seeing me in this dress again after all this time. He said I overreacted and made a scene over nothing. He also said I ruined his birthay and urged me to get therapy for this oversensitivity that I’m inflicting upon him.

AITA? Did I overreact? He’s so upset he refused to even recieve the gift.”

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