She Walked Out of Her Own Birthday Dinner. Is She a Jerk?

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And sometimes that includes your own birthday party!

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AITA for walking out of my own birthday dinner after my husband kept ignoring me?

“My husband has been ignoring me whenever I try to have a convo with him or tell him something important. He’d just sit and stare. Whenever I try to call him out on it, he’d disagree and say that he does pay attention. This has been going on for 2 months!

On my birthday, he took me out to the diner. I was perusing the menu, After a few uncomfortable minutes, I said, “I think I’m getting a headache.” He finally responded, “Go ahead, sweetheart; get whatever you want.”. I was fuming, I confronted him about how he wasn’t listening to me but he again, diagreed. I decided to gather my stuff and walk out. He freaked out and tried to get me to come back but I didn’t.

At home, he yelled about how I behaved in such juvenile way and embarrassed him at the restaurant. He said I ruined my own birthday when I explained how he was basically ignoring me, and told me he owes me jack s**t.

Now he’s expecting apologies. AITA for how I reacted?”

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Another individual said she’s NTA but her husband should still get this checked out.

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And another Reddit user said she’s NTA and her husband needs to realize how bad his behavior is.

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