She Won’t Buy Her Daughter Concert Tickets. Is She Wrong?

I’m still bitter about when my parents wouldn’t let me see Guns N’ Roses and Metallica play at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City when I was a kid, so I can understand a child’s fury when they’re not allowed to go see a concert…

But did this mom do the wrong thing?

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AITA for not buying my daughter concert tickets?

“My 16 year old daughter Riley really does not like one of her teachers, Ms A.

This was a bit surprising to me as the teacher has a very good reputation and has helped out so many kids in bad situations and is just a generally nice person. But my daughter HATES her.

She’ll rant about how annoying she is for ages but she’s never given an actual reason. I tell her that she’s allowed to rant and all that but don’t say these things to her face and try not to go too far either. I h**ed some teachers during my childhood that I now respect/understand so I really didn’t think it was a major issue.

Well, I got a call from Riley while she was at school and she was begging me to pick her up. I arrived immediately but she refused to tell me what happened. She did crack eventually though.

She told me that Ms. A was having a conversation with another student and she mentioned one of her sons names so Riley quickly looked them up on social media and went up to her teacher and asked if he was her son. Ms A said yes (hesitantly apparently) and then Riley started laughing and said some really mean things about her son. To be specific, she called him anorexic and skeleton-like.

Turns out, the boy did have anorexia. Ms A got really upset and asked her to please work in the library for the remainder of the period.

I was horrified and it was clear that my daughter was feeling apologetic but Jesus Christ? This was insanely disrespectful.

I told Riley that she was grounded and that she needed to apologize to Ms A immediately. I then told her that I wouldn’t be buying her concert tickets.

She got really upset and was all like “how was I supposed to know?” But that just makes me more upset because it would still be wrong even if he wasn’t anorexic. She cried and cried about the concert and called me really mean.

My husband thinks the grounding is fine but the concert tickets is overdoing it. He thinks that it probably isn’t a huge deal because Ms A just sent Riley to the library and didn’t send her to the office or anything and I’m “doing too much”.

Idk, AITA?”

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Not the a**hole!

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