She Won’t Let Her Husband Have Any of Her Banana Bread. Is She a Jerk?

You’re cut off!

From my banana bread

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AITA for not letting my husband have any of my banana bread anymore?

“Whenever I (29F) have bananas that are close to going bad, I like to make them into banana bread. I make really, really good banana bread.

However, my husband (31M) has this complex about eating baked goods with edges. He always has to eat the middle brownie, or slice of cake, etc. So, when the banana bread is cool enough to cut into, my husband goes in and cuts out the middle 1-2 inches to eat. He won’t touch any other part of the bread.

I don’t mind eating the ends, but I NEVER get to eat the middle, which is IMO the tastiest part, and worse, it causes the rest of the bread to dry out within a day (which I have to eat alone because my husband won’t touch the remains of his pillage).

Keep in mind, I’m the one doing all the work to make this bread, as well as all the cleanup.

I’ve asked my husband not to do this, but he doesn’t seem to care. So, I just made a banana bread, and when he asked me if it was done, I informed him he isn’t allowed to have any if he can’t start cutting from the end like a civilized person. I’ve been living with his banana bread shenanigans for years, and I’ve had enough.

My husband says I’m being ridiculous.


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