She’s Boycotting a Wedding Unless Her Husband Is Made a Groomsman. Is She Wrong?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think you can tell anyone who to have in their wedding party…even if it’s your own brother.

But, family drama is gonna happen no matter what and today we have a very interesting story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

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AITA for telling my brother I won’t come to his wedding if my husband won’t be included as one of the groomsmen?

“My F31 brother M34 is getting married soon, thing is he has picked our older sister’s husband and cousin’s husband to be in the wedding party and one of his groomsmen, while my husband only got a formal invitation.

Now I should point out that my sister’s husband is a wheelchair user and my cousin’s husband is rarely ever available. While my husband is perfectly well and available yet got excluded. I called my brother after speaking to my husband, I asked my brother why my husband wasn’t one of his groomsmen he said he only chose his bil and cousin’s wife because those were his friends before marrying into the family while my husband and him aren’t close.

I told him my husband was hurt to be included and may not show up to the wedding at all. My brother said he did send him an invitation but I said that is not enough because he treated him as if he was a distant relative. My brother explained that if there was an empty spot he would’ve included my husband.

I told him if he’s not one of tge groomsmen then I won’t come to his wedding because I do not accept my husband to be disrespected like this even if it meas missing the wedding. my brother was shocked and kept talking but I hung up. the family started chiming in shaming me for my stance saying I had no right to put my brother in this situation tyen threaten to miss the wedding knowing it’s make him sad. but I said what I had to see.

we haven’t spoken since then and they’re saying I’m just creating unnecesarry drama and tension before the wedding. but I did talk to my brother’s fiancee and she wasn’t convinced by what I said.

So, AITA here?”

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