Should A New Girlfriend Break Up A Longstanding Trivia Team?

There’s no doubt that new relationships can be tough on longstanding friendships. When we’re young we tend to throw everything we have into that new person and kind of forget about our friends for awhile, and even as we grow and mature, a rift between friends and a new love interest can cause long term damage.

This group of friends has been playing pub trivia together for years and take it as seriously as one can really take pub trivia nights.

Recently, one of them began dating someone new and brought her along to a trivia night to meet everyone.

I go to a pub trivia with some friends. We’ve been a team for about 10 years. We all actually met at trivia when we belonged to different teams.

Recently one of the guys on the team got a new girlfriend and decided to bring her along which was no problem, or so I thought.

Things went downhill fairly quickly, as she and the rest of the group rarely agreed on answers and she used emotional manipulation to get her boyfriend, the team scribe, to choose her (less popular) answers instead.

All night she ends up disagreeing with basically all of our answers. The issue ended up being that her boyfriend is our team scribe because he’s the only one with neat handwriting

. So after being outvoted a few times on her answers she starts with the, “Write my answer down or you know what you’re not getting when we get home.”

Well…. no prize for guessing what he does and we end up going from getting almost every question right to getting almost everything wrong.

Before the final round there is a bonus question. You get to gamble as many of your points as you want on the bonus question. Now, we’re really far behind so we choose to gamble all of our points.

We all agree on the answer except for her. Hers is written down. It’s wrong.

They were significantly behind by the time the final question rolled around, which gave them the opportunity to win something by being the worst team (gotta love trivia nights.

One of the interesting things at this trivia is that there’s a mystery prize for any team that manages to get a first. Previous firsts are written on a board. A final score of 1 is one of the firsts.

I point out that if we purposefully get 0 as our overall score for the night we’ll get a First and get the mystery prize.

Everyone on the team starts laughing and agrees we should do it… except her. She wants us to try our best for some reason.

The team, except for her, agrees to tank the rest on purpose and take their chances with the mystery box. This pisses her off and she walks away, refusing to be a part of something so “lame.”

So they come around and hand out the cards for the final round and I jump up and take it. I ask and everyone except him and her agrees that I can be the scribe.

She announces that she won’t be part of something lame and walks off. We end up getting 0 for the round because we don’t write anything.

She returns just as they “win” the mystery prize and demands her share. The rest of the team refuses to take sides in the matter, leaving things as a face-off between OP and the girlfriend.

The overall scores are read out and she returns. The host announces that we have achieved the First of a 0 score overall and brings over the mystery box. It’s chocolate.

She says she’s claiming it so I jump in first and grab it and say it’s a team prize so we need to decide how to split it. She is staring daggers at me.

I ask everyone multiple times if they want a share. They all say no, including her boyfriend.

I then say, “I love this chocolate so I’m keeping it.” She goes bug eyed and demands her share.

In a calm voice I tell her that she’s been rude to us all night, refused to take part in getting 0 and so she doesn’t deserve it.

He refuses to give in, and long story short, their team has basically broke up as a result, with the boyfriend refusing to speak to any of them going forward.

Everyone else doesn’t want to get involved and leaves.

He’s now blocked all of us on everything and the team are now saying I went too far, I should have understood that she’s his girlfriend and should have just shared it with her.

Everyone but one voted to kick me out of the team so now we’ve formed a breakaway team. I think they’re all overreacting in ending this (the other team didn’t even speak to us at the last trivia) because we’ve been going over each other’s houses for game nights, etc for years and now it’s all over.


Who is at fault here? Should he have kept the peace to keep the team together? You know Reddit has some thoughts below!

The top two comments agree that this specific behavior makes the girlfriend the jerk, no question.

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And this person agrees that nobody wants to see that.

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A few people think her goal was probably to get her boyfriend to herself and nix trivia nights from the beginning.

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Smells like sabotage.

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I mean, she seems like a peach, right?

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I hope this boyfriend wises up to what’s been done to him and stops thinking that the s^x at home is worth losing everything else in his life, don’t you?

If you were OP would you have held your tongue or let it fly? Let us know in the comments!