Should Patients Always Be Able To Refuse Being Observed By Medical Students During Procedures?

Most of you are probably thinking that, based on my headline, you know where you’re going to fall on this particular case. I mean, of course everyone should be able to refuse being observed by additional people during a procedure, even if they are medical students, right?

Well, hold off your judgment just a bit longer, because this case isn’t as cut and dried as it might seem.

You see, my man here ended up in the doctor’s office needing a brief but invasive (and admittedly embarrassing) procedure to confirm whether or not he had hemorrhoids. There were medical students in the room but he lived with it…until he found out they would also be present for the actual exam/procedure.

Long story short, my doctor told me (29M) that she will perform a rectoscope to see if I really have hemorrhoids or something else. It was already embarrassing to discuss my medical issue in front of a bunch of medical students (and ask questions too) but I didn’t mind it so much until the next part

She got me into the exam room, and with her, there was a student (medical training with her) my doctor told me to get into the position (get my pants off, and literally show her my asshole to insert the thing) I was like “in front of her?” she said “yes?” It threw me off because I never expected this to happen, I told her that I’m not gonna do this until she gets out of the room.

He said he would not go through with it until he and the doctor were the only ones in the room.

It also sounds like his protest was also more than a little insulting toward the medical student.

 The student told me that she’s just here to observe and ask questions so that she learns, I told her that it’s cute but I’m not gonna do it in front of her so she needs to get out, I got into a small fight with the doctor and the student both insisting that it’s okay for her to be there and trying to convince me but eventually, the doctor gave up and agreed to what I said.

S/he confronted him afterward about his rudeness. He doubled down. Now he’s wondering if he’s the jerk here.

Oh, but wait – he forgot to tell us up front, but this was a teaching medical facility that he chose on purpose because it was less expensive than a traditional hospital.

I feel like that last bit is important.

After finishing my visit, that student confronted me and made me know that she didn’t like the way I spoke to her and that there is no shame in medicine as she is only there for learning, I told her off and that I don’t want her to see me naked, she called me an a$$hole and left.


EDIT: I want to say that I went to a Medical School hospital, not a normal hospital. This might be relevant.

What does Reddit think? I’m pretty curious, too, so let’s find out!

The top comment says that the edit is most certainly important, and states that if OP didn’t want to be observed by extra people, that was fine – but then he should have gone somewhere else for care.

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This person disagrees, though, because patients deserve to be comfortable no matter where they are being treated.

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The “that’s cute” comment put this firmly into a$$hole territory for many.

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It does seem as if he may just not have entirely thought this through.

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But this one was definitely more controversial than some.

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I think that patients should have the right to refuse, but the way he spoke to her was uncalled for and definitely misogynistic.

What about you? I’d love to hear more opinions on this one down in the comments!