Should This Boyfriend Have Kept His Mouth Shut After His Girlfriend Went Wild With His Money On A Night Out

We all want to be able to treat our significant others to gifts and good times when they deserve to celebrate, but I think we also expect them to continue to be respectful and you know…loving at the same time.

This guy ran into trouble when he offered to take his girlfriend out to celebrate a promotion at work.

I (28m) have been dating my girlfriend (29f) for about 8 months. Very recently she received a major promotion from her work. This was highly competitive and she didn’t expect to get it and she was naturally very excited when she got it.

When she came over to and told me about it I told her “That is so awesome. I’m taking you out tonight to celebrate; my treat.”

First they went to a sort-of nice restaurant, where she ordered not only the most expensive thing on the menu, but the most expensive dessert on the menu as well.

We first went out to a casual but sort-of nice and sort-of expensive local seafood restaurant to eat. She not only ordered just about the most expensive thing on the menu but also a really expensive dessert. OK, fine; no problem. I kind of feel as if most people would’ve have been a bit more modest but whatever.

Then, the kicker – they went to a bar to have what he thought was going to be a couple of drinks, but when her friends joined them the women began doing $40 rounds of shots, all of which he paid for.

However after dinner we went out to a bar to have a drink. We were going to have just one or two and then go home. However her friends ended up showing up and it turned into a bit of a party.

She ordered her friends several rounds of expensive shots (the particular shot they were doing included Crown Royal) which was about $40 a per round.

He says that it meant putting his essentials on a credit card for the next couple of weeks, but when he said something to his girlfriend about it she got mad and threw money at him.

The night left me broke and I had to put my groceries and bills for the next couple of weeks on a credit card.

I didn’t say anything to her that night because she was in a great mood and I didn’t want to kill her buzz, but the next day I did mention to her how I thought that she got a little carried away and shouldn’t have spent so much of my money.

After a little back and forth it turned into a big fight wherein she ended up throwing literal cash at me to “pay me back.” I told her that I didn’t want her money; just that I didn’t appreciate being taken advantage of.

I know that I offered to treat her to a night out on me, but I think most people would hold themselves back a little more under those circumstances than she did. Am I off in that thinking?

Are you obligated to just shut up when you offer to take someone out to celebrate, or did she take things a step or two too far?

Let’s see what Reddit says below!

The top comment questions not only the girlfriend’s behavior, but the friends of hers as well – rounds implies everyone takes a turn “going around” and paying, right?

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Most people definitely think the scene at the bar changed how they felt.

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The nice dinner was cool, but extending his offer to free booze for her friends makes her the jerk.

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This nice person suggested it could have all been a misunderstanding.

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But the bottom line is that he offered to treat her, not her friends.

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I have to agree that she took advantage and was mad when he called her on it – at the very least, a serious relationship chat should be in their future.

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