Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Being Ungrateful for Her Graduation Gift

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AITA for being ungrateful over my high school graduation gift?

“This happened years ago but it’s still brought up by my parents. I (24F) am the youngest daughter, with my sisters being “L” (29F) and “G” (27F).

Ever since I was young, I always felt like my sisters were treated differently. Since they were closer in age, they did everything together. Ice skating lessons, horse back riding lessons, etc. Meanwhile, I was always on the sidelines watching them, like literally. I’d sit at wherever they were at and just watch them.

My parents claimed I was too “young” to do those things but I quickly learned that they probably just didn’t want to have to drive me somewhere else or didn’t want to spend the money to enroll me either. I also became in charge of taking care of my sisters, being that I had to make sure that everything for their lessons were packed or they ate/packed their lunch, even though I’m way younger than them.

Hell, I even got yelled at by my mom once because I didn’t make sure they packed lunch when I was 15 and they were 18 and 20 years old. I was also treated like I was a lot older than my sisters or the same age as them.

Anyway, I also realized when I was in high school that my parents just like the excitement of having their children at a new stage in life. Since my sisters are only 1 year and 10 months apart, they graduated high school and started college within a year of each other meanwhile I started high school when they both graduated.

So it wasn’t “exciting” to my parents when I was in high school or graduated high school. Which brings us to where I might’ve been an AH. The day of my high school graduation, my mom kept complaining about having to attend because she “already experienced it twice before” so the day had already started off bad. After we came back home from the ceremony, my dad gave me a gift which was a small Tiffany & Co bracelet. I was happy because I love Tiffany & Co and it was pretty.

My mom started getting all mad because she told my dad that they agreed to buy me a pen from there which was cheaper than the bracelet because my sister L’s 22nd birthday was going to be in a couple of weeks. That’s when I got mad and I started yelling about how L got a brand new Porsche for her high school graduation and G got a $5000 purse for her graduation but a $500 bracelet was too expensive for me? My mom called me an ungrateful brat and took the bracelet away from me.

A couple weeks ago, I was talking about this story with my BF’s family about why I don’t talk or visit my family as much because my parents have done this a lot and even worse sometimes. His mom mentioned that while my parents were in the wrong, it’s still rude to complain about any gift, no matter how small it is in comparison.

I definitely see her point but AITA? I just wanna see if my actions AH-ish.”

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