Should This Woman Get Over Her Boyfriend’s Enjoyment Of Dressing Like Winnie The Pooh In The House?

The key to all relationships might be compromise, but in many cases, it can honestly be hard to know exactly what you’re willing to compromise on until you and a romantic partner begin sharing the same space.

Relationships just hit different when you can’t get away from someone else’s habits – habits you may not have been aware of at all when you each had your own space.

For instance, if you’re this woman, you may not have been aware that your love interest dressed like Winnie the Pooh – as in, a shirt but no bottoms – whenever he was in the house.

They recently moved in together, and when she questioned his fashion choices, he informed her that he’d been doing it since he’d been working from home because he thinks it’s “funny” to be on Zoom meetings sans pants.

So this conflict came up recently because I (24F) moved in with my boyfriend (25M). The issue is that he has started walking around the apartment and spending most of his days completely bottomless, dick out with just his shirt on.

He calls this “Winnie the Poohing”. He told me he started it during work from home because he thought it was funny to be on Zoom and just not have pants on.

She’s told him that it makes her uncomfortable and asked him to wear underpants, to which he replied that she should “appreciate his body” and also called her controlling.


I’ll be honest it makes me a little uncomfortable for him to just constantly have his penis out in front of me so I have requested he just wear boxers at least.

He thinks I’m trying to be too controlling and that I should appreciate his body.

OP is also concerned about sanitary and safety issues, and I think most reasonable people would agree on both of these points.

 However it just feels kind of unsanitary and weirdly dangerous (he was cooking with oil and a drop of oil spat out of the pan and landed on his penis).

So AITA for not wanting to constantly look at my boyfriends penis.

Y’all, I cannot with this man and I don’t even know him. Let’s see if anyone on Reddit is on his side!

The top comment is on OP’s side, but also has to give her boyfriend at least a little bit of credit.

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That’s a lot of cleaning.

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Men, we’ve been trying to tell you this since at least the 90s. On television.

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We promise it doesn’t.

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No one likes a backward merman.

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Y’all, this is hilarious but I really don’t want it to be real, for her sake.

Do you walk around the house like this? Would you be ok if your partner wanted to? Sound off in the comments!