Should This Woman Still Be Her Sister’s Maid Of Honor After Being Humiliated By The Groom?

We all know by now – or we should know by now – that people aren’t always themselves (or on their best behavior) when it comes to weddings. I don’t know what it is about brides and grooms and the like, but Reddit has taught us all that things often get out of hand.

For this woman, things swerved straight into inappropriate territory when she and her family visited her sister’s fiancee’s family in Italy prior to their big day.

The families have known each other for some time, and OP and the best man have some negative history from childhood that OP regrets.

My sister is getting married soon to Nino. As part of the pre-wedding celebrations our family is visiting Nino’s family in Italy. My dad is very good friends with Nino’s dad and uncle as they all grew up together, so this isn’t our first-time meeting most of them.

Nino has a cousin, Luca, who I made an enemy out of when I was 9 because I told our dads that he pushed me into the water when I actually slipped and he got into a shit load of trouble. I haven’t seen him since we were children so I thought he would be over it by now but he very clearly wasn’t and seemed to hate my guts judging by how he looked at me.

Given the circumstances, OP thought an overdue apology was better than no apology, but the best man (likely pretended he) couldn’t understand her English.

OP asked the groom to translate, but he encouraged her to do it herself in Italian, teaching her exactly what to say to get the apology through.

Or so she thought.

He’s going to be Nino’s best man and since I was supposed to be the maid of honour, I thought it would be good for us to put the past behind us so I tried to apologise to him multiple times in English but he acted like he couldn’t understand and he only ever spoke Italian around me.

I asked Nino to translate my apology for me but he told me it would mean more if I said it to him myself in Italian to show that I was genuinely sorry.

He taught me how to say what I wanted to say but Luca was never alone so I was finding it hard to find a chance to apologise.

When she apologized the way her future brother-in-law had coached her, OP learned she’d actually said something inappropriate and sexual in front of the two families and members of the wedding party.

One day he was sitting with a group outside and Nino told me to just say it in front of everybody since Luca was avoiding me. I said it, and everybody who spoke Italian found it hilarious.

I had no idea what was so funny until Luca asked me in English to repeat what I said. I tried to apologise in English but he told me to say it in Italian again. After I said it, he stood up and told me to come inside with him and he would f**k my brains out.

I was angry and embarrassed so I told him to stop being disgusting and he told me that was what I just said to him.

Everyone except OP and her sister thought it was hilarious, but OP is angry and embarrassed enough to want to pull out of the wedding.

Her sister is begging her not to go through with it, so OP is wondering whether or not she’s overreacting.

Nino found it hilarious, as did everybody else. I yelled at him and so did my sister. I ended up telling them I wouldn’t be the maid of honour anymore because the groom was a prick.

My sister is begging me not to drop out of her wedding and has told Nino to apologise multiple times but I still don’t want to do it or be around Luca and Nino more than necessary.


Reddit has some interesting takes, so let’s dive in!

Some people, like this commenter, thought the majority was being too hard on the best man.

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Others pointed out that wasn’t part of the question in the post, though, and past behavior doesn’t excuse horrible current behavior.

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Either way, the groom is definitely an a$$hole.

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Both of these dudes are too immature to be married.

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If one of your friends jumped off a cliff…

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I can’t believe the sister is still marrying this peach and neither can many of the other commenters.

What would you have done if this guy was your future husband? Sound off in the comments!