How Social Media Turned a Viral Meme About Britney Spears into an Even Bigger Meme About Cleopatra

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

Oh, internet. Only you could take a meme about one thing and somehow turn it into something entirely different.

The latest viral meme of the year was spawned from a tweet that jokingly suggested a 3D-rendered version of Britney Spears was actually a scientific recreation of the famed Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.

That tweet, sent by a Britney Spears stan account, was actually a take on another popular tweet featuring Lana Del Rey.

The person running the original account explained to BuzzFeed News, “One of my mutuals has a viral tweet about Lana Del Rey and Cleopatra and I just made it into Britney.” They also added that the majority of responses were arguments about Cleopatra’s ethnicity.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @NajeyRifai

Some folks were also upset that no one had read the actual scientific article being referenced.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @JHaussla

Shortly after that first tweet, another tweet that simply said “It’s Britney bitch” blew up the meme to an even bigger audience.

It wasn’t long before others jumped in on the trend and put forth their own renderings of “Cleopatra.”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @iconickkk

Some were pretty interesting…

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Ookay

… While others were quite familiar!

We may never know what the real Cleopatra looked like, but it’s probably safe to say that it probably wasn’t anything like these 3D models.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @fkanico

h/t: BuzzFeed

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