Some Fitness Enthusiasts Claim Cheez Whiz Is Actually a Health Food

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

Do you love Cheez Whiz? It’s okay, this is a judgment-free zone. Well it turns out that there is at least one health benefit to Cheez Whiz, which is something to comfort yourself with the next time you sneakily toss a jar of this Kraft cheese product into your shopping cart.

Cheez Whiz apparently contains high levels of CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid. CLA is a fatty acid that naturally occurs in meat and dairy products, and studies show that it may help burn fat and build muscle. It may even be able to fight cancer.

A small group of fitness enthusiasts is now touting Cheez Whiz as an actual health food – a “healthy junk food,” if you will.

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Cheez Whiz contains more CLA than any natural cheese, per Shape. It reportedly has 5 milligrams of CLA per gram of fat. However, a spokesperson for Cheez Whiz’s owners Kraft Heinz declined to give Huffington Post a comment on the product’s CLA levels.

If you want to use this research to empower your Cheez Whiz habit, definitely feel free! But don’t kid yourself – Cheez Whiz has way more unhealthy ingredients than healthy ones.

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“The other ingredients of Cheez Whiz will most likely counteract any health benefits potentially associated with the high level of CLA,” physician and professor Dusty Marie Narducci told Huffington Post.

Emphasis on the “potentially,” since many of CLA’s benefits haven’t been confirmed by studies yet.