Some Hotels Recycle Unused Soap to Help Save Lives

I’m sure that you’ve stayed in a hotel once or twice in your life and you didn’t end up using a whole bar of soap.

If you’re only in a place for one night, chances are good that you’ll just use part of that bar in the shower or next to the sink and then you’ll leave your hotel room and never think about it again…

And that’s where a non-profit organization called Clean the World steps in.

The charity recycles soap, shampoo, conditioners, and lotions (and the bottles, too) from hotels all over the world. Founder Shawn Seipler traveled a lot for work and he began to wonder what happened to all the leftover products he’d see in hotels.

Seipler learned that roughly 2 million bars of soap were going to landfills every single day so he decided to do something about it and founded Clean the World.

His original idea was to cut down on the trash heading to landfills, but after Seipler learned that 9,000 children pass away every day due to preventable illnesses, he took the organization in a different direction.

Today the charity has 200 employees and they work hard to make sure that as little soap as possible goes to waste and instead goes to communities and children in need all over the globe.

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