Each of The Muppets Have Their Own Twitter Accounts

Image Credit: PBS

I don’t care who you are or how many candles were on your last birthday cake, the Muppets are hilarious and wholesome and deserve all of the attention they’ve ever gotten.

Also, some of them have activated Twitter accounts, and if you’re on the social media platform and love a daily dose of laughter, you definitely need to be following these gems.

There’s Cookie Monster (my personal fav).

Oscar the Grouch (I can so relate to him!).

Pepe the King Prawn should never be overlooked….

And Fozzie Bear has bad jokes for dayyyyyyys.

Statler and Waldorf get funnier the older I get, I swear.

Ernie and Bert are the best roommates ever, don’t @ me.

Sure, Elmo can be annoying, but someone loving you every single day can’t be bad.

Abby Cadabby loves Mean Girls as much as you do. No, really.

For insight into life as a rat, why not give Rizzo a follow?

And Gonzo is full of puns, and I know I need that in my life.

Big Bird makes you smile…

And Kermit never lets you down.

Then there’s Piggy (obvious)…

And Grover, because adorably naive never gets old.

You’re welcome!